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Do you ever feel like:

🔥 Your husband doesn’t support you, maybe he thinks this is just a hobby and you need to get a {dare I say} “real j.o.b.”!

🔥 Lonely, misunderstood, and fake - maybe you ARE the exception to the rule “if you work hard enough, and don’t give up, you WILL be successful” {eyeroll} but, maybe he is right?

🔥 Or, maybe there is something wrong with you... you have tried everything, including investing $$$$ {maybe in secrecy?!} and you still feel like you are struggling and living a double life and feel like GUILT for prioritizing your failing business over your kids…

I know it may not always seem like it, but you really do have the power and control in your life.

You are NOT a victim. If I can go through a controlling, unsupportive 13+ year marriage and come out the other side stronger and more empowered, so can you! 😉


Let me show you how!

👉You can download my newest ebook Holistic Business Guide: How to run your business when it seems everything is stacked against you! Here in the resource library!!

👉3 Day Workshop: "The Empowered Mompreneur's Master Plan" and all bonus work 

👉WEEKLY live trainings for #TeachingTuesday

👉JOIN THE TRIBE http://bit.ly/TEMtribe 

7 Modules

Take Your Power Back: 5 part video series

Over the next 5 days, you will become aware of what is stopping you from getting what you want in your life and especially in your business.

We will identify where you are playing small, making excuses and not standing in your power.

I will guide you through how you can take more responsibility in every area so you can truly take your power back and begin creating the life you have been dreaming of!

Holistic Biz Guide {PDF ebook}

Holistic Business Guide: How to run your business when it seems everything is stacked against you

The Empowered Mompreneur Community on the 'Book

Join the tribe of Mompreneurs in controlling relationships ready to take back their power and finally build their dream business!

TEM 3 Part Workshop: Create Your MASTER PLAN

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