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Get Your Shit Together

Get Your Shit Together

I realize there are a TON of women “trying” to grow their business online - without a solid plan - just winging it - hoping that you’ll have created some magical viral {are we still using that term??} content and finally have a big break, like that “expert” you follow brags about.

That isn’t how this works. Yes, miracles happen and yes, the Universe will deliver when you ask - but, you also get to stand up, take back your power and CREATE the result you want!

I see you, mama… You are unfulfilled, overwhelmed and confused at what you even need to do in your online business, there are so many options and everyone teaches a different way… and your husband not only doesn’t get it, he doesn’t support it. You. 

You question yourself: What is right for you? What is the easiest? Cheapest? Do you need help or should you just keep at it alone, forever?? {am I a lazy, unmotivated person? is it wrong for me to want this to be easy?}

UGH! I get it, I stayed stuck in that vortex, alone, for like 3 years {eyeroll}

TRUTH: there is no “right” way. 

There are endless possibilities and we have ALL felt the same way. However, there comes a time when you just have to get your shit together and create a plan that feels good - TO YOU! 

Many people would tell you to  quit, take a break, get a “real j.o.b.” … Basically because being an  entrepreneur isn’t EASY like working for someone else, they make you believe that there is  SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU! Wtaf?!

“Coaches” {I am generalizing here, we are NOT all like this} would say that you need to invest, hire, get out of your comfort zone… also insinuating that THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU!

But sometimes you just need someone who GETS IT to help you figure out what YOU want. Someone who WON’T JUDGE you or make you feel like an outcast who is really good at failing. 

I want you to know that YOU GET TO DO YOUR THING, YOUR WAY. 

Regardless of what “they” say, it is possible and frankly, it is the ONLY WAY {lol, yeah, I went there} that you will ever create the business YOU want… and not just create another j.o.b.

I want to help you create a simple, yet solid foundation upon which you can begin to build your dream business {and life} even if you think you are the only one who can see the vision and possibility. FINALLY

:: Getting clear is the first step in getting anything you want out of this life! 

:: Getting organized and creating a plan is the next, GYST is where you start! 

If you feel like you just need to “Get Your Shit Together”, this is just for you!

Who this is for: 

  • Women who are service based entrepreneurs
  • Mompreneurs who know they are made for MORE
  • Women who feel stuck, confused, lonely and desperate trying to do this all herself {maybe even hiding it from her SO!}
  • Women who have made some money, maybe inconsistently, but KNOW you have what it takes to create a thriving online business, even though you have no support at home

It IS possible to create the life you want, your way, with the business you already have! {or have  been dreaming of!}

I have created a simple formula that outlines what you need to do to get you there, together we will fill in the blanks  specific to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS!

How would it feel this time next week to be ONLY working from a full-on plan that is getting you closer and closer to your dreams every day?!?! (No more “shiny objects” or self-doubt to distract you -- and FULL accountability to move you forward daily.)

If you are feeling overwhelmed and uncertain right now and need to remember who the eff you are and why it is GOOD to be building your business right now…

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