It’s so frustrating, right?!

You have read a hundred self help books, listened to all the podcasts, watched a thousand YouTube videos… You’ve tried: tapping, journaling, “investing” and NOTHING…

❌ What gives?

You feel overwhelmed, lonely and frankly - fucking frustrated - because you KNOW you could be doing SO much “better” in life and especially your business!

But, you feel like a failure because it just isn’t as easy for you as it is for others - you should be making more money and impacting tons more people… but, here we are. 🤦‍♀️

  • Maybe you just need to think more positively?
  • Maybe you just need to share more on social media?
  • Maybe you should start a blog, grow your email list or pay for ads!?

Either way...

🔥 You keep taking action & trying new things... you are NO quitter! You are SURE there has to be a magic answer, quick fix, quick way to get some things moving…

If you resonate with this… I feel you, girl. ❤️

I’ve been there - but I came through the other side, and you can too!


When we live in anger, resentment, guilt, fear, worry or any other negative, fear-based place, we hand our power away to the people and circumstances around us.

It is our duty to become strong, independent, EMPOWERED women, so we can show up as our biggest, brightest, most amazing selves and to make the biggest, most beneficial impact in this world.

To make the world a better place is the ultimate mission of every big hearted, love centered person.

Empowered: to become stronger, more confident, especially in controlling themselves and controlling their lives. Emancipated, unshackled, set-free, liberated. **Google**

To be truly empowered as a human, you have to have the power.

No one will give you the power, that is for sure. You must just BE in control. When you allow other people and stories and circumstances to control you and your mood and your attitude and your schedule and the way you show up in the world, you are not empowered.

If you want to be fully in control of your life and take back your power, to live in the light, to be happy and healthy and empowered, you need to FORGIVE.

Emotions are at an all time high, especially for many of us in the online space. We have to find a way to stay centered, grounded and rooted in our truth. We have to show up as leaders and it is our responsibility to not only show up in our truth, but to have the tools to deal and the mental capacity to help others, too. 

Forgiveness helps you release the shit that is holding you back, helps you get grounded and shows you how to be the lighthouse in the fog for the ones you support. 

Classic airplane oxygen mask analogy - now's the time, put on your mask, Mama!  ✈️

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